We buy sunscreen the main selection criteria

To relax at the warm sea under the bright sun today, today it is absolutely not necessary to wait for the beginning of the summer season. It is enough to buy a ticket to one of the exotic countries in which the summer never ends, and go towards adventures. But at the same time, one should not forget that even, beautiful and, most importantly, a healthy tan directly depends on the correctly selected sunscreen or gels.

These cosmetics can provide reliable skin protection from harmful radiation, eliminate the appearance of burns or unpleasant look -looking pigment spots. In addition, a good cream will prevent the occurrence of an allergic reaction.

SPF: Learning to count sunscreen units

The main criteria for choosing creams or other cosmetics that protect the skin from the negative effects of sunlight include the type of filters used (mineral or chemical), as well as water resistance. In addition, you should pay attention to such an indicator as SPF, meaning the number of sunscreens. Focus on the following recommendations:

For people with pale and bright skin, it makes sense to use sunscreen with SPF, equal to 30. It is such creams that can provide protection against pigmentation and the appearance of wrinkles;

Cosmetics with 20 sunscreen units are suitable for people whose skin peels after exposure to UV;

owners of light skin, which normally tolerates sunlight and gradually darkens under their influence, can use creams with 15 SPF;

Funds with six sunscreen units are designed for people with dark skin and dark hair.

In order to protect yourself as much as possible from the negative effects of UV rays, it is necessary not only to select creams with a certain number of sunscreens, but also to observe the requirements for the time of stay in the sun during the day. For example, it is undesirable for people with fair skin to sunbathe for more than 15-20 minutes, and with dark-skinned-for more than an hour. The rest of the time is best spent in the shade.

Carefully study the instructions for sunscreen cosmetics. It should contain detailed information about the amount of SPF, as well as about the filters used and the level of protection against ultraviolet rays of spectrum A and B. Do not forget that no cream can completely exclude the negative effects of radiation, so it is very desirable to know the measure and not get carried away by staying in the sun.