Why are white spots on the nails?


The beauty of our skin, hair, nails is a sign of the well -being of the body. When the skin is clean, the hair is shiny, and the nails are smooth and strong, then the body is healthy and works like a clock. It is worth giving a failure to one of the organs, as it will immediately appear and externally.

So, if suddenly your nails became brittle, dull, or white spots appeared on them, then it is worth carefully taking a closer look at your body, because in this way it gives you signs.

The causes of white spots on the nails:

What is the reason for the appearance of white spots (for medical terminology – leikonichi) on the nails? There may be several grounds for their occurrence:

lack of vitamins and trace elements;

stressful situations;

fungal infection;


chronic diseases of the kidneys and cardiovascular system;

The most common white spots on the nails appear as a result of a lack of certain substances. So, white spots can often be seen in children during their rapid growth and in the only births, as a result of weakening the body and a lack of certain groups of vitamins and trace elements. In this case, it is necessary to replenish the reserve of the body with vitamins A, E and C and make up for the lack of zinc, calcium and iron. However, do not take drugs uncontrollably – this can also lead to malfunctions in the body. Contact the doctor and do a detailed blood test to identify what substances you are not enough for you. And before that, review your daily diet, add more vegetables and fruits to it.

Stress situations, in turn, can provoke the occurrence of white spots on the nails. Therefore, if you have them as a result of a strong emotional outburst, you should reconsider your attitude to the situation, drink a course of antidepressants and spots will soon disappear.

White spots on the nails

When white spots appear due to the lesion of the nail with a fungus, for treatment you need to consult a dermatologist. It is not difficult to determine that you “picked up” the fungus, since in addition to white spots, the nails thicken, their color can change from yellow to brown, itching and burning are possible.

White spots can appear as a result of a seemingly small injury. The result of a blow or pinching of the nail may be its pigmentation. If, making a manicure, you have trusted a dubious specialist or do it yourself, injuries when removing the cuticle and the appearance of horizontal and vertical stripes in these places are quite possible. In this case, it will be possible to just wait until the nail grows and cut it off, or treat it a little. Hot baths that improve blood circulation and additional nutrition of the nail plate with special products help with such a problem. For the bath, you can prepare a salt solution (1 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of sea salt). Fish oil, castor oil or special creams are suitable as a nutrient composition.

In chronic diseases of the kidneys and cardiovascular system, it is also possible to appear on the nails of strips and even white spots. For example, with renal failure, the lower half of the nail becomes white, and the upper remains a healthy pink color. So, if you are concerned about pain in the heart or kidneys and white spots appeared, you should immediately consult a doctor in order to determine the cause of the disease as soon as possible and prescribe treatment.

If you find white spots on your nails, it is important not only to eliminate the cosmetic defect, but to identify its root cause. During treatment, it is necessary to prevent new defects in the nail, and the existing ones can be cut as soon as the nail grows.