Correct diet with stomach ulcer

The body consists of a large number of organs, thanks to which we can move, hear, enjoy the dishes consumed and just enjoy a beautiful life, one of the most important roles plays the stomach, with an ulcer in an organ or in the duodenum, the damaged area can negatively affect the entire organism. With an ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, the patient will have to adhere to a certain diet.

It is important to comply with the basic principles of a healthy and balanced diet, food for a stomach ulcer should contain the optimal amount of fats, proteins, mineral salts and carbohydrates. Nutrition with an ulcer, in whatever part of the organ it should be, frequent and fractional, at least four times during the day. Food should be as simple as possible and softer, otherwise this will lead to increased irritability of the mucous membrane of the duodenum and stomach. It is better to consume dishes at room temperature, even during a feast you should not violate the rules, not healthy products, cold and hot dishes will only complicate the course of the disease. Remember that all products consumed in which occasions should not lead to increased secretion of gastric juice.

How to make a diet with stomach ulcer

There is a special list of products that can be included in a diet with an ulcer of the stomach and duodenum. From the bakery products, include not a butter of baking in the diet, ordinary crackers and biscuits, cereal, chicken, dairy and vegetables, milk and dairy products can be consumed from soups.

Choose the meat not fatty varieties, prepare a steamed stomach with a stomach or in boiled form, boil the eggs or in the form of an omelet. Diversify the diet of pasta, various fish dishes and vegetables, during cooking you can use olive and vegetable oil.

The body needs vitamins during the treatment of stomach ulcers, often drink rosehip decoction, a variety of berry juices and vegetables, it is recommended to refrain from acidic juices for a while. Drink water more than a non -carbonated mineral.

Now we move to the list of products that need to be removed with an ulcer of the stomach and duodenum. All meat and fish dishes made of fatty varieties, mushroom broths, all animal fats, spicy and salty dishes, sausage products, concrete products, alcoholic drinks and ice cream.

To improve the state of the gastric mucosa and duodenum, consider the given diet version.

Breakfast of a diet with an ulcer can consist of white wheat bread with butter, a glass of yogurt and a conjured freshly prepared apple juice. After a couple of hours, if you are hungry, for lunch consumes a soft software, milk and buckwheat porridge. Make a lunch from low -fat varieties of meat, chicken or beef is suitable, it is best to cook steamed, pasta and apple puree are perfect for the side dish.

Spend the afternoon snack also with steam cutlets, potato mashed potatoes, a small amount of bread, a decoction of useful rosehips and dried fruits.

For dinner, you can cook a white mouth -watering chicken, a soft egg, a fresh salad of vegetables and fruit fruit drinks. A warm glass of fresh milk is suitable before bedtime.

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