How to choose the perfect haircut

It is quite difficult to choose the perfect haircut. And not every hairdresser can choose the perfect haircut for his client. But you can solve this problem in a fairly easy way. In order to choose the perfect haircut, you need to remember several basic rules. And only after, the choice of the perfect haircut will be optimal.

The first rule of the perfect haircut. To do this, you need to determine the shape of your face.

By the shape of the face, you can easily determine and choose the perfect haircut. A certain haircut, can go perfectly perfectly, for example, your girlfriend, and the same haircut may not come at all. If you have a completely different face shape. There are five main facial shapes: – a triangular shape, oval shape, round, elongated shape, as well as a square shape. In order to independently determine the shape of the face, you need to gather hair thoroughly in the tail. After, looking in the mirror, the felt -tip pen out the shape of his face on the mirror. And you need to move back a few steps back. This is the easiest and most convenient way to determine the shape of the face.

Oval shape of the face. If you have an oval shape of the face, then you can safely experiment with various hairstyles. Both a very short haircut and various haircuts with long hair are perfect for you.

Round shape of the face. If you have a round shape of the face, it is not recommended to cut it very briefly. It is advisable to choose haircuts to the middle of the shoulders. You can wear a bang, but it is best to wear a bang combed on the side. For example, you should not make different chemistry with a round shape of a face. And also not recommended to wear too direct and also even bangs.

The triangular shape of the face. The best option would be a different lush haircut. You can safely make yourself a haircut, with different long strands. With a slight angular face shape, it is recommended to cut it geometrically clearly.

Square shape of the face. For example: – If you have a square shape of the face, then you can make a step -haired man. Or a haircut with small soft waves. If you have a square face shape, you should not wear a flat straight bang. It is also not recommended to wear a direct parting.

Elongated shape of the face. We advise for everyone who has an elongated face shape to wear a bang. With the help of bangs, you can visually reduce the elongated face. This will be a great option for an elongated face shape. You can conduct various experiments, that is, make almost any haircut. But do not wear long and straight hair, this is your face wakes up to seem even more elongated. Also do not make tight and high tails.

The second rule of the perfect haircut. In order for the chosen haircut to look perfect, you also need to take into account the structure of your hair. In order to establish the type of your hair, you need only one of your hair. The hair must be thoroughly pulled out in both directions and then break. For example, if your experimental hair immediately torn, then your hair means too thin. And for example, if an experimental hair did not immediately break.