Preparation for tooth extraction

Round teeth, fortunately, in our time we have to remove much less often than in the past. But such a need can still arise. And if the dentist has prescribed tooth extraction, you need to prepare for it. Mostly moral. In addition, you need to know some important. things. Firstly, tooth extraction is a real operation, so take all the recommendations seriously. For blood to turn better, you can eat tightly before the operation, but only if it is not about general anesthesia. In no case do not drink anything alcohol "for courage", this will affect the properties of blood.

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The duration of bleeding will depend on the formation of a clotting. It is formed quickly, your task is not to disturb it, not to be washed away by accident. Therefore, you can eat and drink after surgery, but warm and grunted into a gruel. Do not rinse your mouth, but simply hold the recommended fluid for rinsing without movement. In no case do not grab your cheek. By the way, a gauze swab can be spit out after 15 minutes.