Correct posture

Correct posture

Stoop – a consequence of the fact that a person has never encountered the concept of sport, simply lazy or innate. One of three, other factors are not given. A person himself does not notice how he curves his posture to the level of Australopithecus, then he is indignant that he has a “hump” on his back and this is not his fault.

It’s all about the location of our muscles and their impact on some parts of our skeleton. Suppose we do physical exercises 2 times a day, and the muscles simply do not have time to relax, thereby we distort our skeleton. We subject it to deformation. In a word, this can be called the addiction of our body to such loads, which leads to irreversible consequences. In fact, what methods exist to create proper posture? You can ask the doctor an orthopedist this question, but why go somewhere, since there is excellent information and a thorough medical history.

How to preserve the correct posture?

The first method requires many training and swimming skills – this, as you already understood, is a visit to the pool. This process should be done at least twice a week. It is believed that excellent blood circulation occurs during swimming, which means that all organs of your “I” will be enriched with oxygen – this helps with ailments associated with curvature of posture. Also, swimming removes different slags and toxins from the body, which accumulate in the abdomen and hips, thereby contributing to the appearance of cellulite and excess weight.


The second, better way to obtain proper posture is sport. With a load on the spine, the growth of the muscles included in it is stabilized, which helps to better cope with pain. You can also engage in athletics, but not in any way with other crippling sports.

And think about it, because because of the curvature of the spine, you look a tired, lost person. Do not resort to any operations, it will only worsen your situation. You will quickly come to terms with the thought that you are a stooping, but the time will come and you will understand what it is unpleasant to go with a curved incorrect posture!