Massage of the reflex points of the face

Our face is a reduced projection of our body, this is according to the holographic concept. Everything that happens inside our body is also reflected on our face. When stimulating points on the face with these movements, we cause energy circulation, which is very necessary for the correct and normal functioning of all organs of the body that are of course associated with such points. Facial massage technique. Pressing the nail phalanx of our thumb. Such massage cannot be done if you have long nails. The first point is between the nose and lip in the middle. We touch the first point with a finger and pressing a little and make rotational movements for a clock or if you like against the hand of the arrow, make rotating movements for about 10-15 seconds. A small pressure on the point is necessary, but not strong and only rotating movements. The second point is on the face a little in the middle of the cheek from the end of the nose. Massage also 10-15 seconds. The third point on the other side of the face is only a couple of centimeters below the second point, we perform circular movements. The fourth point is slightly higher than the middle of the ear slightly closer to the eye, the fifth is a little lower by one centimeter from the lower eyelid of the eye, the sixth point is at the end of the wings of our nose. We also carefully perform rotational movements. The seventh point is located in the chin area only higher by two centimeters. The eighth point is below the fourth by one centimeter almost above the earlobe by one centimeter. For all of the above points, we make 10-15 minutes rotating movements. At the beginning, some points can hurt, but after several such rotations the pain passes, the pain can occur if there is a stagnation of the organ that belongs to this point. What to improve the functioning of blood circulation in the body and strengthen the veins must massage all these points increasing from the first point to the eighth point.