Dental clinics which one to choose?

Nowadays there is a wide variety of types of dental care. Let’s list the most popular:

State dental clinic

State assistance in the form of unofficial part -time work of a doctor at the workplace. As a result, the quality of treatment is satisfactory. Currently, state dental offices, as a rule, visit segments of the population with low earnings, the population with average income does not save on their health and visit private dentist rooms.

Private dental clinic

The world practice of private clinics is where the dentist provides the services, and not the eminent brand – the most promising purpose, since in such a clinic the dentist is much more universal because it monitors its reputation. Many dental clinics set prices at a fairly high level, but at the same time will be very popular.Carman-Med dental clinic is a private clinic, so the quality of services is on top.

In this type of activity, there are certain requirements regarding the premises, licensing, X-ray devices and many other equipment. Over the past few years, a new term has appeared – “Medical Tourism”, under this term it is supposed to be treated by abroad.

To open a private/own dental clinic, you need to choose a room that meets all the requirements. Without it, you will not be given a license, because only the equipment that is located in the clinic is licensed. Everything rests on your financial capabilities. If you seriously planned to open your dental clinic, then first try to rent a room convenient for receiving customers.