Face massage at home

Face massage at home

In order for your face skin to always be young and elastic, give a few minutes a day to massage your face at home and your girlfriends will simply envy your flowering and healthy appearance.

How to do facial massage at home?

Facial massage at home is best done in the evening, when you removed cosmetics, cleansed the skin of dirt and fat, if you also used a scrub, this will improve the effect of massage, t.To. You improved blood circulation in the upper layers of the skin, that is, you warmed it up for high -quality massage.

Conditionally, facial massage at home can be divided into several stages: shaking the skin, pressing, tapping with fingertips on the skin, kneading and light pats. When carrying out such a procedure, you increase the skin tone, its elasticity and protective functions from the effects of the harmful environment. Facial massage at home will take only about 15 minutes, but the effect will stay on the face for the whole next day.

Face massage

To achieve this effect, you should protonize the skin – perform quick and energetic movements with your fingers when facing faces at home and soothe the skin, t.e. perform slow, smooth movements.

Before facial massage at home, apply vitamin cream to the skin and start massage with light stroking to warm up the skin well. After that, open the skin, using already stronger movements that should be performed from the neck towards the forehead.

To get rid of bags and edema under the eyes, when massage of the face at home, pressing under the eyes should be used to remove the lymph and smooth the skin. Pinch a little skin – it will smooth out wrinkles and pull it up, save it from the second chin. To stimulate the skin well, carry out intense tapping with fingertips, which is not only useful for cheeks and chin, but also beneficial affects the nervous system.

It is good to pat the skin at home during facial massage at home, which helps to increase its tone and enrich oxygen. The main thing is not to overdo it with the power of cotton, otherwise after facial massage at home, you will have incomprehensible traces on your skin that will not decorate you at all.

After massage of the face at home, calm the skin and apply first a mask of cucumber or a napkin with a decoction of chamomile, let it breathe well, and then lubricate with a nutrient or moisturizer cream.