Pros and cons of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery

The popularity of plastic surgery around the world is understandable. This is a wonderful opportunity to regain youth and beauty in a short period of time. In addition, these operations allow you to get rid of innate and acquired defects that do not allow their life plans to realize their life relations.

Plastic surgery is a necessity,

когда рождается ребенок с «волчьей пастью», искривлением носовой перегородки, «заячьей губой», лишними пальцами и другими серьезными дефектами. Surgeons help such children restore attractiveness and provide high -quality body functions.

Often, only plastic surgery in St. Petersburg can help get rid of a large amount of excess weight, which does not allow the body to function normally, and a person to feel comfortable in society. Liposuction is not the most difficult operation, but, positive results make it possible to adjust the figure, return it to attractive forms.

Beauty restoration operations are necessary after accidents, burns, and damage to chemicals. There are no other ways to replace damaged skin, to give a person the opportunity to feel like everyone else, not to worry about his appearance.


Age -related changes that occur in the body are inevitable. Hated wrinkles, folds appear, the contour of the face spoils, swelling of the eyelids appears, puffiness. It is plastic surgery that allows you to remove all these shortcomings for a short period of time. Modern methods allow you to achieve excellent results and at the same time hide the seams from prying eyes.

No less popular is breast correction, which is rightfully considered one of the main jewelry of a woman. After childbirth, effective weight loss, as a result of age -related changes, it loses its form, becomes unattractive. Plastic surgeons by installing implants make it possible to give the chest the perfect shape.

With all the attractiveness of this method of rejuvenation, it has its negative consequences. There are many cases when there were no high -quality testing of the body’s reaction to certain drugs before conducting operations, which leads to sad consequences. Another negative point is to get used to a simple method of solving any problems after the first operation. This leads to the fact that a person does not try to change the lifestyle, does not begin to play sports, and at the first appearance of unattractive changes, he again addresses the wizards – plastic surgeons.

Pros and cons of plastic surgery

And you would resort to the services of plastic surgery? For what purpose?

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