Evening makeup rules

When applying evening makeup, it is important to know a number of basic subtleties that allow you to look elegant and stylish at any party, in a cafe, restaurant or at a concert. Otherwise, the image will not turn out spectacular, and most importantly, the woman runs the risk that her face will be inexpressive in muffled light.

As makeup artists assure, evening makeup should be treated especially carefully. It is required to properly place accents, competently play with shades, as well as feel the measure when applying shadows, powder or shine.

To create the perfect evening makeup, you need to know several key rules:

Before applying foundation, you need to degrease the skin of the face. It is required to wipe the skin with a purifying lotion or tonic.

After applying the foundation, you need to fad your face with a crumbly powder. She will remove excessive fat content and give the skin silkiness.

Tip: experts are recommended for evening makeup to choose golden shades of powder, 1 to 2 tones are lighter than the natural color of the skin.

It is required to emphasize the eyebrows. A cosmetic pencil is ideal for this. The only thing you need to choose the right color. Makeup artists are advised by women with blond hair to use a brown or gray pencil, and it is better to take black brunettes and brown -haired brown -hairs.

Do not forget about the base under the shade. Thanks to a special base, any shadow is better to lie on the eyelids, and the color looks advantageous.

Note: for example, the base under the shadow of the Manly Pro brand lies perfectly on the eyelids and does not cause allergies.

Several shades of shadows should be used. For evening makeup, you do not need to be afraid to experiment and combine.

It is allowed to apply fairly bright shadows on the eyelids, most importantly, do not forget to make shading.

Note: Thanks to the shading, the transition of the color becomes smooth, and makeup is neat.

We must not forget about mascara. Not a single evening makeup can do without carcass. She gives expressiveness to the look and makes the image finished.

Tip: for evening makeup it is better to choose black or dark – brown mascara.

It is necessary to use lipstick of juicy shades, for example, bright – red or cherry.

An important point: if a woman wants to focus on her eyes, then lipstick is better to choose pastel shades or use lip gloss.

Knowing simple rules will allow each woman to make a competent evening makeup. Thanks to the skillful combination of shadows, the use of lipstick, powder and carcasses, you can make the image bright and irresistible.