Glycolic acid in cosmetology: purpose and application

It is a mistake to think that products with glycolic acid only help with acne and pimples. If you choose cosmetics with this ingredient correctly, you can make your skin elastic, radiant and even noticeably younger.

Together with experts, we tell you why glycolic acid is needed in cosmetics, to whom it is indicated and contraindicated, and we also give advice on choosing products

Glycolic acid is a water-soluble organic molecule that belongs to the alpha hydroxy acid family. It looks like an odorless, colorless crystal powder. Glycolic acid is found naturally in sugar cane, grapes and sugar beets. For cosmetics, acid can be synthesized in the laboratory. It has exfoliation properties and stimulates skin cell renewal. Due to its small size, glycolic acid is able to penetrate deeply into the skin, effectively caring for it.