Massage points

Massage points

In our alarming and swift century, people are very susceptible to stress, panic syndromes and various diseases. They are often overcome by envy, fear, hatred and sadness.

All these factors are the most unfavorable for the human body. In ancient books of ancient healers, you can find lines that our organs suffer primarily from poor emotions, and then from malnutrition. Ancient people knew very well how to cope with their diseases, thanks to the instinct of survival. Even the healers of ancient times, it was noticed that massage points are located on the human body, acting on which, you can provide invaluable assistance with certain ailments.

It is not necessary to do it at all by needle or sharp stones. Hands are the best assistants. This treatment method is called acupressure. Its species has a large number. One of them is the Japanese method called Shiatsu. Here are some of the most common techniques that eliminate some anxious symptoms of diseases by massing points with thumbs.

Basic massage points:

The point is located on the crown, in the parietal area, eliminates insomnia, headache and neurosis

The inner corner of the eye, has a point whose massage improves vision and eliminates the congestion of the nose.

At the beginning of the eyebrow, at the place of the nose, there is an effective point for dizziness.


With hysteria and fainting, the point under the nose above the upper lip helps.

If you have swelling of the face, massage the point under the lower lip.

On the chin of some people there is a dimple, it needs to be massaged with fright and nervous tension.

Facial massage acts favorably on the entire nervous system of a person, strengthening it and relieving the tension of the whole body. In addition, it rejuvenates the skin of the face, making it very beautiful. It is recommended to massage each massage point seven times clockwise and back the same amount. If you treat your body with love and patience, and pacify stormy emotions with thought, you can live to a deep old age in complete health.