Interesting hairstyle ideas for September 1, 2024

Knowledge Day is a special holiday on which every schoolgirl wants to look solemn. And the hairstyle is the most important element of the image. We’ll tell you about the latest trends for September 1, 2024, which will make you look fashionable and stylish.

Every schoolgirl dreams of a memorable look on the first day of the new school year. And even more so when she is already a high school student. At the same time, the Day of Knowledge is still an official event, which does not imply complex hairstyles and towers on the head. And finding that “golden mean” of appropriateness is very important. We will tell you about the latest hairstyle trends for September 1, 2024, and stylists will share their experience and useful recommendations on how to find your original style and, at the same time, not look pretentious, but emphasize femininity.

The trend for healthy, well-groomed hair of natural color, which seems to have been accidentally tousled by the wind, continues. A good stylist will no longer offer any experiments with pink hair, blue strands and torn, asymmetrical haircuts. The more natural the styling looks, the better.

— In the fashion trends of 2024, two trends prevail: slight negligence, variations of styling “surfer girl curls” and the “excellent student” trend. These are all kinds of buns, complex braids, and most importantly, voluminous decorations on the head. The highlight of the season is baroque hairpins, clips made of large pearls, crossed pairs of bobby pins. They can be either large or simply fixing, metal. The main thing here is that the color of the accessory contrasts with the hair color,” says stylist Maryana Kruglova. — And another supertrend is voluminous “bourgeois” headbands. Remember those made of velvet we had in our childhood?