Gravel bicycles Technical characteristics and advantages

Gravel bicycles were designed not so long ago. Their design was based on products designed for travel, as well as buckets and bicycle ergometers. Such products are universal in all respects. Products are rightfully considered all -terrain vehicles. On gravel models, you can comfortably ride both on ordinary roads and soil.

Today you can buy a Gravel Bike by visiting the Cycling Industrial store ". There are models of products that differ in the price category, manufacturer, technical characteristics, quality of parts and other parameters. In addition to bicycles, here you can purchase spare parts and accessories for such vehicles, cycling and protection. If necessary, the buyer will advise a specialist. He will tell you which bicycle you need to buy for the client’s purposes.

Gravel bikes are narrow, compact and comfortable. You can easily pass on them even in a dense car stream. All products are equipped with specialized disc brakes. In addition, they have an unusual frame design. All these factors allow you to install more reliable and thick tires on a bicycle bike. Thanks to this, transport is able to feel excellent on different road surfaces. Even extensive pits or potholes on the coating are not afraid of him.

Modern gravel bicycles are an excellent analogue of simple bikes. They can easily and comfortably overcome long distances along the crossed terrain and various roads. The bicycle easily passes through mud, forests or gravel, rural paths, smooth asphalt surface, and t.D.

Bicycles of such modification are most popular in the UK due to the presence of a large number of unequipped roads. Large tires and unusual geometry allow you to move with convenience in areas with a hard coating. Often such tanks are chosen by tourists for walking. Also, products are popular for fast and long travel. In the winter season, this version of the bicycle can be used as an exercise bike.

Gravel models are similar to buckets and road products. Some products even have almost the same appearance. However, Gravel Bike can always be distinguished from other models thanks to large tires. They are noticeably distinguished from the design of other modifications.