Furniture for the newborn

The birth of a baby is a great joy for every family. Preparation is felt especially in the last month of pregnancy. In addition to things, you need to think about the purchase of high -quality children’s furniture. Suppose at first the baby will sleep with you, but after he will need a separate crib. Children grow up very quickly, and each baby should have his own bed. A lot to depend on the quality of the crib. The crib can be made on wheels or in the form of a cradle crayfish, you can also purchase a transformer bed. If you purchase a transformer crib, then it can be easily converted to a teenage bed. Parents should also think about a children’s chest of drawers, that is, you will need a special children’s cabinet or a chiffonier in which all children’s things will be stored. The need to appear in the children’s chest of drawers after the birth of the baby. The child will need to constantly change clothes. It is for these reasons that the dresser needs. All the necessary children’s things can fit perfectly in it. Do not forget to update the room! Better make the overhaul of turnkey apartments, or at least repair of a children’s room. The child, like every adult, needs pastel linen. During the purchase of pastel linen, you should also think about a children’s blanket and a pillow. In specialized stores, you can buy ready -made sets for the crib. The kit also wakes up a pillow and several children’s blankets. One children’s blanket should be warm, and another thin and light. High -quality children’s mattress is also necessary. Do not use the old mattress that is in your house for many years. It can include various pastel mites that can lead to the appearance of an allergic reaction. The pastel linen of the newborn should always be in perfect condition. After each change of bedding, clean linen is recommended on both sides to iron well. From time to time, the blanket of the newborn needs to be taken out into the fresh air. It is best to dry the blanket well in sunny weather.