How to choose high quality kitchen textiles?

Textile products are used in the interior of each room of the house. But in the kitchen a special attitude towards them. Here, textiles have to perform not only a decorative, but also a practical function. Moreover, serious trials fall on their lot. Therefore, you need to choose such items for the kitchen thoroughly.

The main requirement for kitchen textiles is the strength. Therefore, only strong materials are suitable for these objects that can withstand multiple washing and even boiling, without losing their functional and aesthetic qualities. A great option is kitchen towels, tablecloths, tacks made of dense cotton, linen fabric. These materials have high strength, they can be washed at high temperatures, boiled, use bleach. Therefore, there is the opportunity to maintain kitchen accessories in cleanliness, remove any pollution.

Synthetic tissues also have high strength and durability. Spots are easily removed from such products, for a long time they retain bright saturated colors. But this textile does not have hygroscopicity. For kitchen towels, this is a significant minus. It is impossible to wipe your hands with such a product. Moisture remaining on the skin will harm it. The best indicators for hygroscopicity are waffle cotton towels. You can purchase them on the site /Polotenca_vafelnyue.

When choosing cotton, linen textiles for the kitchen, it is necessary to evaluate the intensity of the interweaving. If the material is shining through, the products will not last for a long time, they will not be able to maintain their shape after washing. It is worth paying attention to the seams. They must be even, without passing stitches. In good products, the edges are carefully processed, which excludes the rashes of threads. In order to check the quality of staining, you need to rub the palm on the pattern on the front side. Traces of paint on the arm should not stay