Medical innovative multidisciplinary company ILAYA Solving all your problems

Ilaya’s medical innovative multidisciplinary company has managed to win the right place of the leader in the list of prestigious clinics in Ukraine.

This company provides a huge range of high -quality medical services, including high -precision diagnosis, therapy and prevention.

The clinic is equipped with highly specialized medical personnel with rich experience with high qualifications.

Main advantages

In the medical market, this company is distinguished by its undeniable advantages:

First -class service;

Acceptable price range;

High qualification of personnel;

An individual approach to each patient;

Modern equipment;

High level of sterility;

The use of advanced techniques in the treatment of various diseases;

High -precision diagnosis and effective treatment.

Reproduction Center

The reproductive health unit is equipped with experienced reproductologists, which carry out examination on high -tech equipment using an individual treatment program. Experienced reproductologists conduct a full examination and, after identifying the causes of infertility, carry out a competent selection of the treatment program and control consultations. In this center, many childless couples became parents.


The company is equipped with a modern biolaboratory with professional biotechnologists, where drugs based on human cells are made, which are used for restoring manipulations. The center is also equipped with a cryobank for storing stem cells.

The cosmetology unit is provided by a rich range of services about the health of hair and skin using the latest technologies. Advanced computer diagnostics allows a detailed skin analysis.

Plastic surgery

A subdivision of plastic surgery, which is equipped with specialized surgeons with high qualifications with long -term experience, corrects body and person forms. By eliminating various cosmetic defects, surgeons give an attractive appearance to their patients.

The center is also equipped with a rehabilitation unit where massage procedures are carried out that normalize the body’s activity.

Proof of the effective activity of this center is a huge number of positive reviews of satisfied patients.