Hand sweating hyperhidrosis

With hyperhydrosis of the hands or with the sweating of the palms of the hands themselves, constant humidity appears. Palms of hands are almost always cold even on hot and warm days. In various stressful situations, sweating can increase several times. The palms of the hands can be completely wet. All this, of course, leads to a great inconvenience for example in handshake and many other situations. Palms’ sweating is controlled by a sympathetic nervous system. This is one of the departments of the autonomic nervous system of each person. During hyperhidrosis, a person cannot control his heartbeat, the general tone of his vessels and of course control of sweating. The center of the human nervous system receives from the brain the presence of various stress situations. After which all this comes to the sympathetic nerves and, accordingly, to the sweat glands. And therefore, when a person at least a little nervous, his hands begin to sweat immediately. In order to reduce the sweating of the hands with hyperhidrosis, surgical intervention is necessary.