Postpartum seams how to get rid of?

Most women after childbirth need such a procedure as imposing seams. The seams are needed for rapid healing of various tears in the delicate zone. Various gaps can heal for several weeks different after. The most important thing is that there was no infection on the site of the imposed seam, so that you must somehow protect yourself to follow several rules for the care of the seams. The seams in the vagina or on the wall of the uterus itself do not require special care procedures, the most important thing is to observe cleanliness. The seams in delicate places are superimposed with absorbent threads, these special threads will help the rapid restoration of the woman’s delicate places and of course these seams do not need to be removed. For example, seams in the perineum need special care. Twice throughout the day, these seams must be treated with green or antiseptic. The seams in the crotch are also applied using absorbent threads, small knots are broken by about the third day. The seams that were imposed in the crotch area need special hygiene. It will be necessary to change the gasket every two to three hours. It is best to wear cotton underwear after childbirth, just that this laundry does not fit your body after childbirth. Such linen will have to be blamed until all the seams pass. Before changing the gasket, you need to wash you can use soap every other way. After the seams began to heal, small scars can cause an unpleasant sensation and pain in the seams may also appear. In order to facilitate your condition, you need to go through such a procedure as warming up a quartz lamp. This procedure can be carried out only after reducing the uterus itself and of course only on the recommendation of a specialist.