Herpes treatment rules

Herpes suffers almost the entire population of the planet, which is the bearers of this virus, often not even knowing about it, since infection can occur as impexed. It’s just that in some people it manifests itself, while in others, as it were, “dozing” until a certain moment.

Awakening is facilitated by the disease and a decrease in immunity due to it – this is the main reason. You can get sick of anything, from banal rhinitis to chickenpox, which, in fact, is also a type of herpes virus. And already during the illness, some people feel its effect: the same bleeding wounds on the corners of the mouth, bubbles on the lips and mucous membranes, including in intimate areas.

By the way, pregnancy also provokes (but not always) rashes on the skin, which, during the examination, are classified as symptoms of herpetic infection.

Herpes itself is divided into several types and each of them involves a specific treatment.

Healthy lifestyle

To cure herpes, you need to find out the rules of a healthy lifestyle. It is thanks to him that your herpes virus can spend a lot of time in hibernation, never waking up, and if this happens, then it will quickly pass, not leading to complications.

Of course, the first thing is to eat well (not to feed yourself with exotic, difficult to digested food and other) and give your immunity rest (avoid sharp changes in temperature, climate, remove irritating (stress) factors). Separately, it does not hurt to prevent the weakening of immunity: taking vitamins, rejection of smoking and bad habits that cause insomnia, excessive experiences and so on.

Drug therapy

Sometimes herpes is caused by nervous unrest and passes when calm, and there are also cases of cure without drugs at all, but the bulk of the virus still requires the use of drugs against herpes. They can be ointments, tablets, injections, but most often complex treatment is prescribed against the background of vitamins: ointment for affected areas plus tablets.

You should not think that you can get infected with herpes only sexually: it is transmitted in airborne droplets, contact, so that there is just in case ointments like acyclovir in the first-aid kit, Zirtek does not hurt. Approaching them with clean fingers on the only emerging skin irritations will prevent the development of inflammation at an early stage. Be careful with celandine preparations – do not prescribe yourself.