Tennis clothing rules

The tennis attracts the attention of not only lovers of noble sport, but also makes you follow the outfits that are very favorably demonstrated, especially tennis players. There is even such a thing as a tennis fashion that continues to develop, even despite the strict requirements regarding the elements of the wardrobe. Having decided to engage in this sport, it will be useful for you to know about the basic rules for choosing convenient and practical clothes.

What is included in the set of outfits?

Modern clothes for large tennis are quite diverse, but there are also special requirements for the set of sets:

For women. Building the top (saika) with a short sleeve or without it, with a short skirt or dress/sundress.

For men. Classical tenniska or T -shirt under the throat, but without a collar or a sleeveless jacket combined with shorts.

The sports Federation does not prohibit small deviations from this classical configuration. That is why you can see short shorts or even capri on tennis players.

Separately, the tennis outfit is equipped with:


socks of classical length or shortened;

tennis cap, which can be replaced by a plot of a bandage, a visor, a taxpiece, etc.D.

But, it is not enough to know what the kit should consist of, you still need to know what quality and characteristics should be all these things and what requirements are imposed on them.


The following characteristics of clothing for tennis are subject to the basic requirements:

Size. Clothing elements exactly in size will not constrain movements and interfere with focus on the game. A tight T -shirt will rub and prevent other sports elements from carrying out a competent feed.

And the larger size will not make it possible to carry out water disposal and create a greenhouse effect, which is extremely undesirable for active training and competitions.

The quality of the material. He must have the ability to dry quickly and pass the air. The best laboratories in the world are working on the creation and improvement of existing synthetic fabrics that would be ideal for sewing tennis sets.

Wear resistance. Tennis is an active sport with frequent training. It is important that everyday sets are not only practical, but also do not lose the appearance and characteristics even after numerous and regular washes.

All other characteristics intersect with the indicated. The main condition for choosing a sports complex is comfort and convenience. And you can choose the color scheme, the manufacturer’s brand, the number of sets on your own based on personal preferences.