Which costume to choose for a daughter ideas

New Year is approaching and in stores modern parents are invited to buy a New Year’s dress for a matinee in kindergarten, the most fantastic and luxurious styles. But in order to turn a holiday for a child into a fairy tale, mother independently sews an outfit for her daughter. It is enough to buy a ready -made ordinary children’s dress, which will be the workpiece of the outfit. In the article, we consider the ideas of the design of New Year’s dresses for a children’s matinee.

Traditional "snowflake". To sew such a costume, the main detail is a magnificent white skirt. A skirt can be a ballet pack made of tulle or tulle. It can supplement the white gymnastic swimsuit. Decorate the outfit with beads, sequins, Christmas tree rain. The image will complete the image of white nylon tights and shoes with rhinestones.

Fairy outfit needs to be designed with flowers. Flowers can be made independently from ribbons or buy in a store for needlework. You need to decorate the whole suit, as well as hair and shoes with flowers. A magic wand can be made of a simple long pencil, glued it with holographic paper and decorating it with a New Year’s rain. Magic image supplement small wings made of thin wire and mother -of -pearl fabric.

The “red cap” outfit includes a white blouse, a corset with a shovka, a magnificent skirt to the knee and a red hat itself. The corset can be made from a wide strip of dense dark fabric, to which lining and lacing are sewn. A cap can be of any shape, but red. The hat can also be replaced with a overflow. It is better if shoes or boots will resemble wooden shoes. In order to supplement the image, hand your daughter a basket with pies.