How to choose a female robe process features

Women can look attractive in any situation. Even at home, women manage to look sexy, putting on light silk robes or defenseless, dressing in warm terry robes.

A robe is a simple and at the same time necessary part of a woman’s wardrobe. The choice of a dressing gown should be approached carefully, since he, like a dress, should sit perfectly on the figure and reflect the character of the hostess.

The main indicator when choosing a female robe is the material that was used in the manufacture of clothing.

Bamboo fiber.

A robe of such material is strong, wear -resistant, does not stretch and does not change, the fabric has antiseptic properties, perfectly absorbs moisture, the body in such clothes “breathes”. A woman feels comfortable in such a dressing gown, since the fabric improves thermoregulation.


Light, natural material that absorbs moisture. The disadvantages include this possible strong shrinkage during washing and the fabric is greatly riding.

Terry fabric.

Cotton is based on the manufacture of fabric. Mahra loops will be told about the quality of the thing. Soft and light to the touch terry robe has simple loops, but over time they can stretch out. Terry dresses made of intertwined or twisted threads are more durable, but to the touch such a bathrobe is less pleasant due to strong stiffness.


Available smooth -red light fabric. Sitz robes are easy to use and care.


Natural light material, durable, but not convenient for constant wearing. Since the floors of a silk robe glide relative to each other during movement.


From the atlas, as varieties of silk fabric, they mainly sew seductive robes-penuars.