Decoupage what is the stages of creation

One of the modern decoration techniques is called decoupage. What does an object for creativity can become any subject of your interior. Moreover, this direction is valuable by the fact that it makes the necessary updating of the subject: so from a regular, standard thing, under an hour not new and boring, you can get one of a one -of -a -kind masterpiece that can bring the right highlight to the decoration of the room, the author’s thing. This technique is suitable even to beginners, it does not require special investments, and the result is professional.

Decoupage consists in attaching thin paper with a patterned object on a formed item. For this purpose, you can use ready -made napkins for decoupage, or you can take any napkin or tenderloin you like, everything that will help create the illusion of manual painting.

So, what tools are needed:

The subject on which we plan to apply the drawing;

Napkin or tenderloin of thin paper with a favorite pattern;

PVA glue or special, varnish, acrylic paints and their solvents;

Scissors, a few rather sharp scissors of various lengths are better;

Brushes for glue of medium stiffness, for varnish and paints – half -soft natural;

Various devices: sponges, rollers, toothpicks, hairdryer, cotton sticks and adhesive tape, sandpaper.

The work begins with the preparation of the surface on which the primer is applied: glue. If the surface is wooden, it is emphasized. Cut more precisely the pattern and separate the upper layer with the pattern. Further, it’s still easier: the paper with the pattern is applied to the prepared place, covered with varnish. After drying the first layer, add another. The hair dryer is used to accelerate the drying process, and the paint is to correct the pattern. It is also possible to perform decoupage from fabric. In this case, the glue is changed to textile, and before coating with a varnish layer, the fabric is ironed.