Rules for choosing spirits for cold season

Most representatives of excellent millennia do not like cold and impatiently wait for the arrival of warm months. Although during this period you can pamper yourself with new aromas of perfumes, which are perfectly combined with frosts. A well -chosen perfume will instantly cheer up and give an impetus for new achievements. About how to choose a suitable product we will talk further.

Before you go to a cosmetic store and get into the sea of ​​various aromas, you need to understand that high -quality perfumes cost decent money, unlike toilet water and deodorant. But they will be used much longer. Therefore, the smell must be selected carefully so as not to throw the money "to the wind".

General rules for choosing a perfume

1) Do not pay attention to underground merchants in crossings and in the market. Having bought “real French perfume” from them, most likely you will only regret. Give preference to specialized shops or online stores, for example http: // buy aid.RF/.

2) on the day when you are going to go for a purchase, do not use any fragrant means so as not to go astray and buy exactly what you need.

3) Understand in advance for yourself: what smells you are predisposed the most.

How to choose a winter aroma, recommendations

1) In winter, you need to give preferences to more severe aromas, since the skin in frosts behaves completely differently and light, delicate aromas will smell too sharply and inappropriate.

2) According to experts, the aroma should be saturated, since the receptors responsible for charm work somewhat weaker than in the summer.

3) The smell should cheer you up, because the cold is a time of depression and poor mood.

4) Eastern smells – truly winter aroma. They cheer up and bring warm and comfort.

5) so that throughout the day the smell is persistent and saturated should be done the following actions. Take a fragrant cream and apply it to the bends (wrists, elbows) with a small layer and sprinkle it with perfumes on top. It is in the cold that this will add to you highlights and attractiveness.

6) If you cannot stand heavy oriental aromas, then use pronounced flower shades of smells.


When drawing from the above, we can say that choosing winter aromas is not only easy, but also very exciting. Success!