Proper cleansing of the skin

The face must be cleaned daily, every day it is necessary to start and end with the proper skin cleansing, and it doesn’t matter if a person uses cosmetics or not. In order for the face to always look fresh and youthful, you need to clean the face from the dirt, sweat, as well as from the applied makeup. And be sure that just washing off with water and even when using soap, we won’t achieve the proper result, the skin will not be completely cleared of dirt and fat film. After all, only perfectly clean skin can take nutrient creams and look healthy and beautiful. Only the use of special cosmetics can successfully cope with skin cleaning.

The very first step to cleanse the skin of the face is to wash with warm water, the water should be clean and not stiff, boiling water to soften and add a little soda. The next step is to carry out the procedure for cleansing dead skin cells, which are formed daily on the face and give the skin a sluggish look. Apply two cleaning methods. Quick and deep – is the so -called artificial and properly dosed surface chemical groaning of the skin. One of the techniques, to obtain a burn, is the following: the skin is steamed, and after rinsing with water, degreased. Then they apply a petroleum jelly – salicylic ointment and after 20 minutes it is removed, and the face is powdered with a dry mask. The second method is a slow exfoliation of the skin of a body, which lasts up to three weeks. This method is recommended for porous and oily skin, while there is a relatively slight inflammation of the skin. Also, masks with healing mud and clay are widely used to clean the skin of the face.

The use of such masks contributes not only to the elimination of dead skin cells, but also improve metabolic processes in skin cells. Masks hold for twenty to thirty minutes and with the help of a warm compress remove the mask from the face, and then the cream is applied to the face. After the providence of such procedures, the skin on the face is saturated with moisture, becomes delicate, wrinkles disappear, the skin acquires a light pink shade.

And completes the process of purification – tonic. In this case, the remains of contaminants are removed, the condition of the skin is refreshed and improved. Freshen and tone the skin of masks: honey-white-thin, yeast with kefir or yogurt, as well as fruit and vegetable with the addition of baby powder, using dairy and other products.

Tonic masks are made of vegetables (carrots, pumpkins), as well as fruits (lemon, quince, persimmons, banana, apples, grapes) and berries (strawberries, raspberries).