Medical certificates

As a rule, none of us is safe from accidents and diseases. With the onset of winter and cold weather, many begin to catch a cold and get sick.

Basically, this period of the year is the spread of flu, which can lead not only to high body temperature, but also to the strongest headaches, cough and general weakness. In such an unhealthy state, it is simply impossible to go to work, since with influenza, performance is reduced to the maximum. In addition to the fact that with temperature and illness you cannot work normally, it is also likely that you can infect all the others at work.

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In the midst of an epidemic of influenza, those persons who only have only recovered from a cold can hurt. With weakened immunity, the disease can take everyone by surprise and at the most not suitable moment. In such situations, medical certificates will be required that will allow the patient to go out for treatment and at the same time not violate those rules that apply at the workplace.

When contacting the clinic to the attending physician, a medical certificate will be issued according to the grounds.

In the event of diseases, you will need a certificate of form 95. Having a certificate of form 95 in hand, it will be possible to start treatment and extend the treatment until seven days. Medical certificates of form 95 can be issued up to five times in one year.