How to choose a good perfume what to take into account when buying

Women’s perfume is intended for the fair sex to differ from each other, exuding their own aroma.

As soon as a woman chose perfume and began to constantly use them, they become not just perfumes for her. They begin to reflect its essence, lifestyle, tastes and preferences. Also, with their help, the lady becomes easier to attract the attention of others and assert himself.

To choose the right perfume and use them, keep in mind that they react differently. It depends on the skin of a person who uses them. Remember that different people may not smell equally. After all, the skin and hair of a person also distinguish their own smell, which, mixing with the aroma of perfume, changes it. In addition, the smell of each of people also changes depending on climatic conditions, lifestyle and even food consumed by a person.

Good perfumes are very persistent, their aroma remains at least for a day, sometimes more, and in some cases, notes of their smell can be caught on clothes even after washing. Also, some perfumes can be called spreading. This means that their aroma remains indoors for a long time even after their owner comes out of there. Other perfumes have a "character". This means that if you once tried them, then you will not be able to forget this fragrance.

It is necessary to apply perfumes on the body in places where you feel the beating of your pulse. These are elbow bends, under the knees, the lower corner of the triangle of the neckline, the zone lower than the back of the head and behind the ears.