Multifunctional laser system for Lazmik cosmetology

What is the modern technology "Lazmik"? Using the modern laser apparatus "Lazmik", cosmetic procedures are carried out to rejuvenate the skin by laserophoresis, which provides without any injection the introduction of hyaluronic acid under the skin.

Using Lazmik technology, a significantly larger amount of hyaluronic acid, as well as other components necessary for the skin, will be introduced into the deep layers of the skin. This makes it possible to provide a much greater stable effect, which can last for a long time (about 6 months). Visible and almost immediate effect should occur after the first procedure.

As a result of the application of this procedure, the physiological moisture of collagen fibers, neck, face, hands and neckline is restored.

The effectiveness of this method is higher than the effectiveness of traditional mesotherapy, t. To. At least 80% of hyaluronic acid is introduced under the skin.

The painlessness and safety of the procedure that does not entail a violation of the integrity of the skin, in the absence of contraindications and the recovery period, allows you to get a steady and long -term effect. The results of the course exceed the effect of the use of various similar European methods.

Lazmik equipment is produced today in Russia. Lazmik equipment sets are available in the following configurations:

The base block "Lazmik" with four laser channels;

Lazmik-01 base block with two laser channels;

Lazmik-03 base block, having one vacuum massage channel and one laser channel.

In this case, the savings from the combination of two devices located in one case make it possible to use therapeutic laser techniques and vacuum massage, as well as their combination.

In addition to the indicated equipment, radiating heads are made, which can be connected to the laser channel of basic blocks of any type, as well as nozzles for the implementation of various procedures, which should be attached to the radiating heads.

Together with the gels of the French development "Cosmotheros", these devices are used to conduct laser-vacuum massage, anti-cellulite programs, treatment of hair and rosacea, as well as in the presence of dermatological problems such as acne or hyperpigmentation, dermatitis or furunculosis.

The advantages of technology and equipment "Lazmik" include:

fast payback;

small cost (one procedure consumes about 5 ml of gel);

exceptional ease of use;

a wide range of procedures held in dermatology and cosmetology;

compactness (the whole kit weighs no more than 3 kg).

In order to be able to get a persistent result, the course of laserophoresis should be from 6 to 10 procedures. After that, supporting procedures are carried out once a month (depending on the type and condition of the skin).