Girls share their opinions on how to meet them

Attracting the attention of a beautiful woman is not that difficult. You just need to be a little more inventive than everyone else. We suggest you study the rules of dating girls

Remember the movie “The Ugly Truth” with Gerald Butler? There, the hero taught his boss methods of seduction. And he was so successful in this that he ended up falling in love with her himself. It is not surprising that the film became a real hit, because the topic of dating is interesting to both men and women. And it will always be like this.

And about the weather…

A few years ago, I knew exactly how to meet a girl. No, no, I wasn’t trying for myself, I was helping single friends find happiness. Let’s say, one of them began to complain about bad luck in love, became limp like a rag, so I immediately demonstrated my super method. She chose the most beautiful girl at a party and bet with a guy for a bottle of champagne that she would not just come up to meet him, but would sit at the table and even leave her phone number. And every time the man lost the champagne to me.