The benefits of rolls

Japanese dishes, despite their intricate names, unusual preparation methods, differ in a simple set of products. Thoughtful, harmonious combinations of components, attractive design, pleasant taste provided the incredible popularity of traditional Japanese cuisine. The most famous in the world are the rolls that are now being prepared not only in restaurants. Mistresses use the recipes for their preparation and in the home menu. After all, these dishes are not only tasty and beautiful, but also beneficial.

In the classic recipe for rolls, three main ingredients are used: a algae sheet Nori, rice and raw fish. In addition to them, vegetables are included: avocados, carrots, cucumber. Each of these components has a large number of beneficial properties.

Rice is considered one of the most useful cereals. He is a supplier of complex carbohydrates, which are a source of energy. The content of group B vitamins in rice allows you to strengthen the nervous system, starch protects the walls of the stomach, enveloping its mucous membrane. There is a fiber necessary for normal intestinal motility in this croup. The rice is included in the diets for diseases of the heart, kidneys, since it contains potassium. The presence of phosphorus, calcium helps to strengthen the teeth, zinc is necessary to maintain skin health.

The beneficial properties of fish are undeniable. It supplies easily digestible proteins to the body, phosphorus iodine. The main advantage of this product is the presence of omega3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, strengthening and protecting brain cell membranes, contributing to the normalization of cardiac activity.

Seaweed are a natural pantry of iodine, without which the synthesis of the most important hormones in the thyroid gland is impossible. Vegetables that are added to rolls saturate the body with minerals and vitamins.

The preparation of the dish does not use heat treatment, which allows you to maintain all useful trace elements in integrity. The low calorie content of rolls makes it possible to enjoy taste, feel a pleasant feeling of satiety, without worrying about the accumulation of fat deposits. Roll delivery has been organized in each city, so you can enjoy such a dish at any time.