Increased TSH during pregnancy

Every woman who wants to become a mother should be attentive to her body and monitor as often as possible to hormonal changes in her body.

The first months of pregnancy in women can occur both completely normal and with a number of various changes in the body. While in a woman’s position, it is very important in the first trimester to pay special attention to the endocrine system. During this period, in the developing fetus, the thyroid gland is not capable of functioning to work in fabric, the thyroid gland should work for two or for three.

During pregnancy, a woman can be disturbed by a variety of questions, for example, what to do if TSH is increased during pregnancy. A pregnant woman will turn out to be an answer only in a female consultation with a doctor.

During pregnancy, the TTG indicator as it became known from the words of specialists in women can be increased, most often there is nothing unusual in this, and this is evidenced by temporary practice. If the TSH is increased during pregnancy, it will preferably consult a doctor-endocrinologist.

In the body of future matter, the level of thyroidropic hormone controls the hypothalamus, to increase TSH or by lowering as it became known to be only influenced by the state of health of matter and its baby.