Eyeous care rules

Every girl loves to care for her appearance, especially for the face. But, unfortunately, most of the fair sex forget at such moments that cilia also require a kind of care.

How to care for eyelashes properly?

Probably, every woman dreams of long beautiful eyelashes, but not everyone gets them, therefore, many turn to additional services for extension and strengthening eyelashes. And those who do not want to constantly contact the beauty salons for such procedures are special training in eyelash lamination.

It happens that eyelashes begin to fall out, but do not raise a panic in advance if it is noticed that the loss occurs no more than 1-2 pieces per week. But if this happens much more often, then you should pay serious attention to this phenomenon and try to understand why this is happening.

The most common causes of cilia falling out is malnutrition, allergies to any product, improper eyelash care or its complete absence, use of low-quality cosmetics, different diseases.

Basic rules for eyeless care:

It is very important every time before bedtime you need to remove makeup, in no case should you go to bed with painted eyes.

Ultraviolet eyelashes cannot be influenced, so when tanning on the beach or in a solarium, it is best to wear sunglasses.

In order to clean the eyelashes of mascara, it is best to select such products that do not contain alcohol.

In the morning, to strengthen eyelashes, it is best to wash with boiled water or heated tea, after applying a nourishing cream. And before going to bed, you can buy special balms to strengthen and their growth.

Be sure to remember about proper nutrition. In order for the eyelashes not to fall out and be very attractive, it is necessary to include in the diet such products as pepper, rosehip and parsley. They contain keratin, which helps in strengthening and preventing eyelash loss.

Try to reduce flour and sweets in food, and replace it with fresh vegetables, fruits and juices.

It is also best for the eyelashes to be always beautiful and well -groomed, it is worth acquiring expensive and high -quality cosmetics. But it also needs to be changed every couple of months, t.e. It is not worth using the same company for a long time.