The benefits and harm of swaddling

With the advent of a child in a family, parents are several questions related to his development, upbringing and, of course, caring for the baby himself. One of such conflicting questions is whether it is worth swinging a child or not.

If you look into history, you can see that our grandfathers and great -grandfathers did not recognize anything other than tight swaddling. For this they had their own arguments. First of all, this is that young children at all cannot independently coordinate their movements. Because of this, they often hit or even injure. To avoid such problems, the legs and pens of the child, they pressed tightly against the body, thereby making the baby’s movements safe.

Another reason for swaddling is guesses that it allegedly levels the child’s legs. But if you delve deeper, you will probably find out that the cause of crooked legs cannot be diapers. This is either poor heredity, or passionate rickets. In this case, the legs are twisted under load while walking.

Many claim that diapers cause allergic reactions, and diapers do not. In fact, in most cases, the baby suffers from diaper rash. And they can be caused by both wet diapers and in time replaced diapers. If you monitor the condition of the diapers, this can be avoided.

Another question is economic benefit. But here it all depends on parents. They must decide for themselves, buy diapers and spend a lot of time on changing clothes, or purchase diapers and new clothes.

Many people think that swaddling helps the child tighter and sleep longer. But, as you know, it has found its application only in Rus’. But no one knows cases that German or French children suffer from lack of sleep for this reason.

It is not necessary to have a medical education to notice that tight swaddling interferes with the normal movements of your child. Imagine that you were laid in one position for 2-3 hours, while they wrapped both arms and legs tightly. Agree that it is inconvenient. But the child cannot tell you this.

Still there is no only opinion. If you notice that the child is inconvenient or the diapers constrain his movements, thereby interfering with him, stop swading. If the opposite is true, why not use this method? Moreover, now there are a variety of diapers that can be swaddled not so closely and not to impose movements. The choice is yours.