Is the tan useful?

Is the tan useful?

With the advent of hot summer days, we have a desire to sunbathe and lie in the sun, but at the same time, in the light of the latest conversations about the action of sunlight, a logical question arises, but whether the tan is useful? Yes, the tan is useful, but you should not forget – everything that exceeds the useful norm harms health.

To whom and when the tan is useful?

Let’s start, perhaps, with such an aspect how the tan is useful for children. Even very useful. A small child should replenish the body with vitamin D and most often we resort to the help of fish oil or vitamin injections. The problem is that fish oil has a very unlikely taste and smell, despite all the efforts of doctors to solve this problem and the kids do not want to swallow it. There is no desire to injure a too sensitive baby with injections either. Here the sun comes to the rescue – under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, vitamin D, which entered the body with foods, is activated and its supply is replenished.

Simply put, under the influence of sunlight in the human body, the synthesis of vitamin D. We add to this the fact that the disadvantage of this vitamin is fraught with serious disorders in the body of both a small child and an adult, since with its help the formation of bone tissue and other biochemical processes that ensure the correct life of all internal organs.

The benefits of tanning

Even in favor of the question of whether the tan is useful, says the fact that the correct and slow tan (within a few days of moderate stay in the sun) is a natural protection of the skin from deep penetration of harmful ultraviolet rays into deep skin tissue. In the same way, the tan protects the skin from the formation of cancer cells, and does not cause cancer, as is commonly believed recently. According to the latest data, melanoma is a genetic predisposition, and not the skin reaction to ultraviolet. On the contrary, the correct tan will prevent the appearance of skin infections, fungi and harmful bacteria, tempers and protect the skin. Is the tanning of problematic skin useful – yes, especially those who suffer from the problem of acne and acne. The sun’s rays in a natural way will dry the problem areas on the skin, pull off wide pores and normalize the release of fat.

Recall that the benefits of tanning will be only if you sunbathe in the morning (7-11 o’clock in the morning) or in the evening, after six. Be sure to use an ultraviolet filters cream, even if we just walk along the street, moisturize and protect the lips. We eat more vegetables and fruits, drink water – subject to these simple rules, the benefits of the tan will be, as they say, on the face.