Rules for preparing for traveling on holiday with children

Having checked the technical aspects, we begin to collect things. We recently talked in detail about what to take with you to the sea by car.

Let’s add to the list of things for a comfortable trip to the sea with children by car:

  • sun blinds with suction cups;
  • spare clothes for the trip;
  • folding potty for babies;
  • organizer for toys;
  • tablet mount;
  • travel pillow;
  • retainer for the child’s head in a car seat;
  • seat belt cushion for older children.

With this set, a child’s long stay in the car will become comfortable and safe.

The main rule of traveling south by car with children is not to eat in little-known places. The best option is to take snacks with you and stop at a trusted establishment for a full meal. To do this, we have compiled a gastronomic guide with delicious locations in cities on the way to the Russian south.

Sandwiches are ideal for snacking on the go, but be sure to store them in a cooler bag. Avoid dairy and perishable foods. Add snacks, nuts, dried fruits, bread and biscuits. You should not take chips and crackers – salty food makes you thirsty, which leads to additional stops.

For small children, it is more practical to take food in doypacks. These can be fruit and vegetable purees, as well as soups. For a more satisfying snack, main courses in jars are suitable. You can warm them up using a portable heater. Bring fresh fruit. Already sliced in individual containers are ideal. Sweets on the road are not the coolest idea, but if you can’t live without them, give preference to marmalade, marshmallows and marshmallows.

Don’t experiment with food on the go. There is no need to give children new, unfamiliar food. You risk running into intolerance, allergies or stomach upset.