Is it worth “resurrecting” old love?

Is it worth it to resurrect old love?He’s leaving… What can attempts to resurrect relations, why some people are waiting for their beloved life, and are ready to make such victims? Why not actively look for a new partner if you are in a quarrel in your loved one? And you love him very much…

1. When a partner abandoned you, you should not run too much behind him. Love is comparable to a person who is very and often sick. When love dies as a result of constant quarrels between partners, constant misunderstandings, it is like a sick person who can not cure a wide variety of drugs. Sometimes doctors simply give the sick body time, and he will either be cured or… It will die.

You can try to return your partner after some time, you can immediately try to return it, but it is not known what it will lead further. Will a person be able to relate normally and continue to be a partner with whom he has already experienced so much bad? It will be hard to forget about it. The result of decisions in favor of relations is a difficult relationship in the future in the future due to their history. Only time will correct bad moments in your life and tremendous care for each other.

Know for yourself that if you stopped trying to return your partner, stopped calling and writing SMS, this does not mean that you surrendered, you just made it clear to your beloved how you love him. And let him decide to be with you or not.

2. Be reasonable – you do not need to rush to extremes and make nonsense. If the beloved leaves, and the woman is against it – they can go to anything, if only to return him. What are all these love spells, campaigns to fortunetellers, amulets from precious or semiprecious stones! Onyx – to tie it, jasper – to dream, beads from amber – so that another misfortune has… How much money goes to love spells, how many tears and nerves – to the fact that they did not work. Let your pendant from jasper, amber beads and a brooch from onyx become part of your new image, in which you will be so dazzling that your beloved will change your mind and return. And leave campaigns to fortunetellers – it’s still a deception.

And even more so, leave the thought of causing harm to yourself, forcing him to return in this way. Thus you will not return it, you can also cripple yourself!

Return your beloved… or start a new life?3. You can always hope for a partner’s return. More than half of the people who decided to leave are returning to their partner during the year. But if this period is dragged out, then the chances of returning are greatly reduced. But even here there is an opportunity to wait for love to return to you. You can live your life by feeling love for your past. Society will only praise you for such desperate love. The question is different: are you ready to sacrifice your life in order to wait for your love?

4. Long love relationships can last years. During this time, you and your partner become not only lovers, but also friends, assistants to each other. If a crisis has come in your relationship, you need to leave a couple of weeks at home, calming down a little. No need to immediately run to the disco if you were abandoned by your partner. If the person who abandoned you finds out that you are actively going to discos, he may stop trying to return this relationship altogether. This may be in your hand if you no longer want to have something in common with your ex, but if you think that you will spend good time, and no one will know about it, then you may make mistakes.

But the main advice is to listen to yourself. Was it so good for you that now, after his departure, all thoughts were only about him? Perhaps the relationship was really not perfect, and his departure is the start of a new life where your fate really awaits you?