Well groomed nails are a visiting card of any girl

Beautiful and well -groomed nails, this is what every well -groomed girl should have. Drawings on nails are welcome, but only if they are appropriate. Well -groomed nails are not only bright and long nails. This is primarily a neat manicure. Cleanliness and unobtrusiveness.

If you have your nails, then follow their long. Too long their nails do not look very aesthetically pleasing. It is also important that the nails are one long. Different also never look good. Even if it’s a pity, it is still better to cut everything under one length.

Almond -shaped nails are considered the optimal form, it is always an relevant form and, moreover, visually lengthening fingers. Sharp long claws will look vulgar. Square nails of small length look good as good.

Enlarged nails have long sunk into the past. Naturalness is in fashion today. So if you increase your nails, it is better to refuse, or try to make them more natural.

Gel polish is gaining great popularity. This tool not only gives a bright, well -groomed manicure for a long time, but also protects and nourishes its nail well. Gel varnish can be made in any manicure salon. You will also be offered a large palette of colors and coating options. Such a manicure holds for about two weeks, depending on how careful you are.

As for the choice of varnish color, of course, in everyday life, it is better to adhere to neutral colors. But if you are lifestyle of bright colors of varnishes, then of course today at the peak is a bright red classic varnish. As well as shades of green and mint, dark brown and brick colors. The drawings are more abstract, or something from the animal world. It looks beautiful and stylish, a bright pattern on one nail, but on a neutral palette of varnish.