LalaLoopsy cute pupae with buttons

Lalaloopsy is an amazing world of funny dolls, created in 2010 by the famous MGA Entertainment Corporation. Rag girls, boys and their pets with buttons live in this world instead of eyes. True, toys are made mainly from plastic, and there are at least two reasons for this:

This material is much more practical than fabrics and soft fillers, which means that for many years the dolls look aesthetically pleasing.

Head, arms and legs have a movable connection with the body, so the child is much more interesting to play with the doll.

By the way, LalaLOOPSY was created not only for young children, but also for adolescents, that is, they can perform both a game function and a collection. At the same time, each personal collection will turn out to be unique, since to date, more than 150 characters of different options are presented. In addition, there are houses for them, as well as various accessories and plot scenery. You can study the assortment in the online store /.

The concept of the brand LalaLOOPSY

Lalalupsi was once ordinary rag dolls sewn from everything that could only turn out to the arm. But one fine day, magic revived them, so that they become the ambassadors of a noble idea: girls and boys are called to tell the children that any thing that has already served their term at first glance should have a chance for a second life! Lalalupsi, who themselves are examples of the second life, teach children to protect and appreciate everything that surrounds them.

The names of the characters meet the materials from which they were sewn. The basis for creating some dolls was completely unexpected things, for example, piano keys, a guitar mediator, a cherry pie, garden gloves, a sea shell, an umbrella, a ship sailor. By the way, everyone has pets corresponding to their birth stories. A variety of LalaLOOPSY dolls and their favorites will be found on the/Dolls/C070 page/.

Varieties of the series LalaLOOPSY

A variety of dolls are produced under the brand of LalaLOOPSY. The main collection offers toys 32 cm high, they themselves are made of harmless plastic, and clothes from fabric. Head, arms and legs are mobile, monolithic hairstyle. The following collections are also presented in the assortment:

Littles – younger sisters of large dolls, have a similar design, but reduced to 13 cm;

Mini – dolls of even smaller size, 7.5 cm, also similar design, but completely plastic;

Tinies – miniature collectible modeling models with a size of 3-4 cm, also completely plastic, while they do not have mobile parts;

Girls – matured heroines 25 cm high, are distinguished by elongated arms and legs and freely hanging hair, plastic clothes;

Babies – Pups in size of 12 cm with movable heads, arms and legs, made of plastic, there are also rag models, they are larger – 20-30 cm.

Included with many dolls are their pets, in addition, there is a separate collection of Ponies, offering lovely horses 4.5–5 cm high and 12.5 cm. There are still series whose representatives are found in different collections.

Loopy Hair characters have long -niti hair that allows you to make many hairstyles – special accessories are included in the set. Stretchy Hair offers dolls with tough hair, lengthening and bending in all directions. Silly Singers are singing Lalalupsi that move their heads and legs during fun.