The main female accessory what are it varieties and dignity

Women’s bag is an important accessory in the wardrobe of every modern woman. In women’s clothing stores, the widest selection of handbags, clutches, youth backpacks of all colors, sizes and textures are presented. The most popular and prestigious bags of female leather. This is the choice of women striving for prestigious materials, elegant decoration and concise forms.

Genuine leather bag cannot be cheap, and the models from the known couturiers will cost you two to three thousand dollars. High -quality leather bags have even lines made by strong threads, they will withstand a large load and will not break at the wrong time. Flasps, fasteners of handles should be metal, uniform coating of accessories – a sign of good quality. Not a single manufacturer of stylish, high -quality bags will overload his design with an abundance of “golden” fittings, this is a sign of bad taste.

This season it is fashionable to wear bags in the hand, elegantly twisting long handles in the palm of your hand. When choosing an accessory, do not forget that the size of the bag must correspond to the proportions of the female figure. High, stately ladies are more suitable for large, impressive sizes of bags, while miniature is worth a closer look at compact clutches and handbags.

When buying women’s leather bags, do not forget about the proper care of an expensive accessory. Before applying a colorless cream, wipe the surface thoroughly with a slightly damp cloth. The cream can be used and color, but it must exactly coincide with the tone of your bag. Nourishing creams are not forbidden, then the skin of the bag will become even softer and more elastic.