The right pillow is the key to a healthy and strong sleep

Sleep serene and wake up in a good mood – how long did you personally have it? There will be almost surely answer – a hundred years ago. Some people will write off a sleep disorder for fatigue due to work, others will criticize the environmental situation-we breathe all day with slagged air, and then oxygen does not enter the brain to rest fully. In fact, the reason may be in the pillow. Remember at least Asian films when the heroes slept on wooden bars and at the same time were in a great mood and did not complain about the pain in the neck or headaches. Or listen to what doctors say about a synthetic pillow – the filling of which, like a soft toy. Although there are negative reviews about feathers, so you need to figure out what is the matter.

For all options, there are orthopedic pillows – a special form for convenience and correct lying on the side.

Allergy to the pillow

Syntipon is not the best option for filling the pillow. Yes, it is soft, supple, elastic – for the time being. But then she begins to fall off, becomes more flat, the filler absorbs sweat and smells, and the person who sleeps on such a pillow has diseases such as allergies, for example. The cough torments, sneezing in the morning, after sleeping on this pillow, and on the neck in the places where it came into contact with it, red spots pour out. If your child has been sleeping on such a pillow for several years, and he constantly suffers from cough and cold, then this is not a seasonal allergy – check this moment in a simple way. We must put it to sleep on a feathery pillow and look at the well -being after several nights. Perhaps at first it will be inconvenient for him, but then he will get used to it, and improves will come.

Feathers and fluff. Natural filler known to our grandmothers since ancient times. Causes inconvenience only because of crawling flashes, but this problem is fixable if the pillowcase and cover of the pillow are sewn from dense material. Feathers of different birds are used, but mainly chicken, geese. Harmfulness is considered large, because ticks can start and live in such a pillow, microbes multiply, so there is a likelihood of asthma attacks, bronchitis, allergies also. But sometimes it is this filler that is a salvation when another does not fit – artificial.

Bamboo fiber. Hypoallergenic, even therapeutic, acceptable for children from zero years of age. Pluses mass, minus one – fakes. Bamboo pillow price is high.