3D eyelash extensions

Every woman knows about the enchanting and magical power of the gaze, the possibilities of seduction with his help and skillfully uses this weapon. Therefore, we pay so much attention to the beauty of the eye during makeup. But even modern decorative cosmetics will not make it possible to give them perfect expressiveness if the cilia does not differ in length and density. The procedure for their building allows you to cope with the problem, to achieve an excellent result. The emergence of an innovative 3D method further expands the possibility of creating the perfect image of the eyes.

The main difference between this type of extension from the usual present procedure is the material used. Artificial cilia made of micropoliestra is incredibly light, which does not create an excessive load on natural hairs. This allows increasing even on weakened eyelashes. The work uses material of different lengths, degree of bending, which guarantees the most natural effect.

Additionally, the naturalness of building is provided by a large color scheme. In the usual procedure, cilia of brown and black were used. For 3D extensions, the choice is made of 9 shades. If necessary, lengthening natural short eyelashes use long artificial threads. If natural hairs are long, but rare, artificial cilia of the same size are selected. You can create a superbread using thick threads.

All materials: artificial eyelashes, glue and fixing agent are hypoallergenic. Therefore, no irritation or redness will appear even on the sensitive skin of the eyelids. 3D extended eyelashes retain their beauty for three months. Artificial hairs, glue are resistant to moisture, ultraviolet.