Makeup brushes selection rules

The secret to create beautiful makeup lies in the tools that are used in the process of applying it. If you use low -quality devices, do not wait for an excellent result. To achieve beautiful makeup, you should choose the right and use brushes. Then the amazing result is guaranteed.

Rules for choosing brushes

There are several simple hands selection rules. Following them, you will be able to choose the brushes correctly:

The largest, voluminous brush must be chosen for applying powder and foundation. The fiber should be of synthetic origin. To distribute foundation evenly throughout the face, movements should be light, smooth.

For the shadows of the brush, various shapes and sizes are created. Flat standard brushes are needed for shading of shadows. Suitable for working with a mobile age. Thin, flat shadows are used when working with external corners of the eyes.

To choose the right eyebrow brush, you need to pay attention to a short fiber having a diagonal shape. Better if it is made of synthetics. I strongly recommend the eyebrow brushes Kodi Professional, which are approved by professionals.

To apply lipstick, you should choose a short, thin brush. It will help not only create the right contour, but also evenly distribute the lipstick over the entire surface of the lips. Some women deliberately avoid lip brush and do it in vain, because thanks to such an instrument, color is more saturated and lasts longer on the lips, giving them the necessary volume, adding sensuality.

It is worth carefully studying the tools before buying. It is very important that the pile is attached firmly, does not fall out. The handle should be well attached, be convenient in the process of applying makeup.

It must be remembered that a denser brush will create an intense color, make it saturated.

Checking the quality of the pile in the store is very simple. Should run fingers along the pile. If the hairs took the previous shape, preserved it – a high -quality brush. If part of the hair remains on the fingers, the pile on the brushes sticks out in different directions, it is better to refuse the purchase of the brush, it is of low quality.

The named rules will help to easily choose brushes to create beautiful makeup. The main thing is not to rush, to carefully study each tool. Rush can lead to an erroneous purchase that will only ruin makeup.

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