Correct cutting

Cutting for the cuticle

The process of caring for the cuticle is characterized by the presence of numerous actions and measures. The nails and cuticle must initially need to be cleaned, then the cuticle is slightly pushed.

This action is carried out regularly, this allows you to maintain a beautiful appearance. The cuticle is pushed back using a special spatula. It is mainly included in the manicure set.

All about the care of the cuticle:

Cycle care must be done with particular caution. This allows you not to damage the thin layer of the skin. You can’t press it very much on the nail plate so that it does not damage it. When the cuticle is neatly shifted to the edge of the nail, you can begin to directly remove the areas of dead dry skin. This process is carried out using a special tool, the name of which is trimmer. It resembles a sharply sharpened Latin letter V. Dry skin areas are carefully captured by the trimmer, and then removed, trying not to damage the nail and the matrix area. If you have burrs or inflamed areas of the skin, then it is better not to process the cuticle processing. Initially treat these areas, and only then proceed to their processing.

Cleaning the cuticle using a trimmer provides for a competent handling of this tool. The trimmer must be kept up, but the angle of inclination to the nail should not be large. Remember: entering a trimmer directly under the cuticle is strictly prohibited.


If the cuticle care is carried out regularly, then you can do without the use of a trimmer. In any case, do not use it more than once in about 8-10 days. It happens that the nails are in a fairly neglected state. Starting for them, be prepared for the fact that at first your nails of amazing appearance will not be acquired. It takes much more time to bring the nails to the perfect state. In the meantime: dry, dead skin of cuticle on your fingers.

The process of caring for the cuticle also provides for additional nails with special means. This recharge is carried out immediately after processing of the nails. You can use a nutritious cream that must be rubbed into the nail. If it turns out that you took too much cream, its excess can be removed with a cotton swab. When processing the cuticle, remember: it is she who plays the role of a protective barrier on the way to your nails of dirt, dust and bacteria.