Massage from wrinkles at home

Visiting a salon or a beauty salon to not every woman will visit every week.

I want to look younger and well -groomed not only during the days of solemn events, but also daily. Those women who look younger than their years today work out to take care of themselves and conduct care at home. Those who want to look younger than his years, we can advise massage from wrinkles at home, reports massage salon in Moscow Masvlada

The massage of the lower back area will be largely different from the massage of the skin of the face and this must be remembered. On the face, the skin is much thinner and more tender and if you add strength a little, you will not notice the effect of the procedure, but only aggravate the situation.

At home, highlighting for yourself a beloved, a little time will turn out daily, do massage from wrinkles and at the same time always look at a height.

With a massage incorrectly, there is a chance of deep wrinkles. In order to avoid this, we advise you to pay attention to how to properly massage from wrinkles. Put the index and middle finger to the recesses at the edge of the nostrils in this area with your fingers must be slightly pressed and several times. Perform pressing several times and during the day repeat the massage.