Congratulations on Valentine’s Day

Congratulations on Valentine’s Day

Very soon the most romantic holiday will come Рthe day of lovers. Of course, you need to talk about your love as often as possible, but on this day you need to do it especially. Fortunately, on this day it is not necessary to give expensive gifts. Still, this holiday is still perceived as comic, even on the calendar it is not marked in red.

If you want, you can make your beloved a full -fledged expensive gift, but he still will not replace your warmth and love. Therefore, even such an unusual one needs to be attached to such a gift, which will be invested in.

Here are a few small ideas for congratulations on Valentine’s Day:

It is very nice to receive a gift when you understand that it was not just bought in a store in a few minutes. Own craft, no matter how trite it sounds, on such a day should be especially pleased. The simplest thing you can make yourself is Valentine. Fortunately, now you can do it no worse than a professional. Look on the Internet for the ideas of such small postcards. In specialized stores, you can buy paper specially designed for the manufacture of postcards. Lately it has become popular to make different felt crafts. This material does not crumble, from it you can easily cut out any shape, in our case – the shape of the heart. Fert does not break, does not wring, easily sewn with ordinary threads. Believe me, this is a great idea. From felt, you can make a keychain in the shape of a heart and fill it with a synthetic winterizer or cotton. Such a soft gift will not leave your beloved indifferent. And your confession of love can be embroidered. It is enough to get out with outline, fibers of the muline and the schemes of embroidery of letters, of which there are a great many from needlework blogs. In short, fantasy and a little patience!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Not the most original, but very good idea – dome of desires. You can do something like gift certificates that sell beauty salons. For example, a coupon for 30 minutes of massage. Or a 2 breakfast coupon. You can come up with something more trampled. Such coupons can be printed and beautifully designed in a text editor and printed on a printer. An even more advanced option is to lay down. Then the coupon will not be lost and will recall the original gift for a long time. Of course, you must become the executor of all services.

Any person will be pleased with the assessment of his merits. You can remember what the beloved especially stood out for you and reward his prize for this! You can do it yourself, or can be ordered in any photo laboratory "letter to your beloved". It needs to indicate what exactly the laureate was awarded for. For example, a letter for the most passionate kisses or a letter to the best man in the world. Naturally, it should be in a beautiful frame and is equipped with a seal, for example, following your lips.

Create using a special computer program a small presentation from your joint photos and put it on your favorite romantic music. You can watch the presentation at a romantic dinner.

Do something spectacular and large-scale! For example, you can put the heart from candles under the windows or draw it with a spray can on the snow. Who said this is a man’s business? Such an act will be pleasant to everyone!

Valentine’s Day

In our age of the Internet, paper messages somehow went into the past. And in vain! No file will replace what can be held in your hands and put closer to the heart. Even if you live with your beloved in the same apartment, send him a congratulation by mail. Believe me, he will be very surprised!

Where to celebrate this day? Is it all the same if you spend it together? You can go to a restaurant, you can arrange a home party, or you can – a romantic picnic outside the city, most importantly, get dressed in a warmer. Goes to the cinema, to a trial dance lesson or just walking around the city, holding hands – you decide. Just talk about your love more often!