Sweating hands how to get rid of?

Sweating hands

The life of a modern woman is scheduled for a minute, to the brim is filled with care of both her loved ones and the professional formation in such a masculine world of business. Physical and emotional loads are already stress for a gentle sex, so the individual characteristics of the body of each of us add the troubles. Such an annoying trouble can be increased sweating of the arms and legs.

As the statistics of Kharkov’s maternity hospitals say, the problem of sweating limbs is also very common among pregnant women. But God Himself told the successors of the human race in any situation to be attractive and beautiful. The use of some simple recipes will help women solve the problem by making quite a bit effort.

How to get rid of sweating arms and legs?

First of all, you need to stock up on pharmacy grass and nettles. 15 grams of dry mixture per glass of water insist night, drink half a glass twice a day for four weeks. After a few days, the course of treatment can be repeated.

Women’s hands are the second document by which you can find out age. Therefore, such an important place in the life of any woman occupies a manicure. With sweating hands, the skin dry out, cracks and wounds often form, which itch and hurt, can be a source of infection when microbes entered them. Disinfectant baths with table salt or vinegar are recommended. These funds are always at our fingertips.

Baths from the infusion of Vetla (white willow) will help: 1 teaspoon of bark chopped into powder pour 2 cups of cold water and insist for 8 hours, strain. Hold the hands in the infusion for 5-10 minutes.

Sweating hands

The well -groomed legs of a woman – the subject of admiration for men, groomed legs – nonsense, spoil the gait, worsen posture, lead to quick fatigue. Do not forget to soften the skin on the legs, do baths and massage. The use of baths from such herbs will save from sweating: chamomile, a proud of a snake, a battery of a thick -faced, the root of the cut rhizomes of the cinquefoil of erects. All these herbs can be used both in the collection and separately.

The unpleasant smell of sweat eliminates a decoction of leaves, petals, rosehip fruits. After the foot baths, the legs must be powdered with talcum.