Hair care rules in the summer

Summer is the period when the condition of the curls worsens, t. To. They are under the influence of various factors, such as sunlight, wind, sea water. The sun dehydrates the hair, destroys the cuticle, natural and artificial pigment, because it becomes dry, brittle and dull.

Molecules of sea salt penetrate the structure of the hair, which leads to their slow destruction. But for hair follicles and scalp, the components of sea water are useful. Bathing in rivers and fresh reservoirs cannot be called safe, t. To. They have dirt, microbes, bacteria. Follow the following rules and you can protect your curls from harmful effects.

Hair care rules in the summer

Use properly selected tools for washing and protective products.

In the summer, your head has to be washed much more often, because the action of shampoo and other means should be sparing. Choose a shampoo that will gently remove sweat, street dust and remnants. For summer, the cosmetics of Davines are great, which not only cleanses and protects the curls, but also heals them.

Wash your head with warm water as they become dirty, rinse the cool. If you do not wash your hair as often as necessary, the pores are clogged, the hair follicles will not be enough oxygen.

Apply nutrient masks once a week, after each soap procedure, use balm and indelible means. Pick up an air conditioner that has a moisturizing effect, also use it daily. Pay attention to protective equipment containing UV filters.

Buy indelible products such as serums, sprays, oils, creams.

Wear a headdress

Create new images using different options for caps, hats, scarves, bandan. They will protect you from overheating, and hair from loss of moisture and destruction. This rule can be violated only if you do not plan to be in the sun for a long time.

Rinse your hair with herbal decoctions

Herbs contain a huge amount of substances that nourish and heal hair. These are microelements, oils, and vitamins, and a lot of other useful components. Cook decoctions in accordance with the instructions, rinse your hair with a ready -made tool after each wash procedure.

The components of lemon balm, linden, St. John’s wort, chamomile, series, birch leaves, nettles will be of great benefit to the curls.

Refuse devices used for styling

If in the cold season you use a hairdryer, forceps, an iron, then in the summer you should refuse to use them, t. To. hair and without its use actively lose moisture. If you cannot do without a hairdryer, then at least use cool air. In the case when it is impossible to abandon the use of devices, be sure to use thermal protection products.

Put your hair from the inside

Drink enough water, saturate the body with vitamins. Use fresh vegetables, fruits, purchase a vitamin complex in a pharmacy. If you suffer from increased dry curls, daily take 1 t. l. linseed oil.

Adhere to these rules and then your hair will be reliably protected from the harmful effects of external factors, their condition will improve markedly.