Pick up a new hair color

What type of appearance do you belong to – to cold or warm? It is quite difficult to choose the optimal hair color yourself, we provide for you, a few simple advice that will help you determine your optimal hair color.

The first advice. For those who decided to dye their hair for the first time. The first coloring of the hair, it is best to start with a non -paint, such a paint will be washed much faster if you do not like its color. For all those who decided to dye their hair, it is recommended to choose a paint for several tones lighter or, on the contrary, a few tones darker than the natural color of your hair.

The second advice. You should not believe one hundred percent that after dyeing your hair you will have the same color on the drawings of the paint used. There are special catalogs, that is, a palette of shades of paint, the color of the paint is better to choose according to the palette, but not according to the figure.

The third advice. During the choice of paint, it is recommended to take into account the shade of the skin and eye color. Basically, all existing paints can be divided into warm and cold. Decide on what type you are based on this, choose hair dye. If you have golden, wheat or olive skin, then most likely you are a warm type. Many residents of Africa, Latino America, as well as Asia, can also relate to a "warm" group. If you have fairly bright skin, light eyes then you belong to the "cold" type.

Fourth advice. Choose a suitable color. For all those who belong to a warm type, it is recommended to select the following shades of colors: – golden, caramel, honey and bronze. You should not choose too dark shades of paints, they can make you plain. Too light tones of colors will not work for you either.

The fifth advice. How can you find out if a light blonde hair shade is suitable for you? Eats one important rule: – If at a younger age you had blond hair, then this means that a light shade of hair will do you perfectly.

The sixth advice. "Correct Blond". If you belong to a warm type, it is not recommended to select the paint of a copper shade. The best option for you would be the choice of warm shades of hair dye. If the natural color of your hair belongs to dark shades, then it is not recommended to become a blonde. In this case, you can simply become colorless. To obtain beautiful hair contrast, you can do highlighting. Do not forget that only a dark shade of hair, is much better suitable for all blue -eyed and green -eyed.

Seventh Council. Ginger. Red shade of hair, can be perfect, almost every person. Red shade is best chosen if your skin has a pale or pinkish tint.

The Eighth Council. How can you hide gray hair. Not every hair dye can completely save you from gray hair after dyeing. After changing the hair structure, gray hair may appear. When several gray hairs appear, you can use, for example, not persistent paint. Such paint will help you paint gray hair. If you have a lot of gray hair, then it will be best to use a persistent paint.

Ninth Council. If you decide to dye your hair yourself at home, and after dyeing you did not like the color of your hair, then it is best to turn to a good professional. Hair coloring will be a little difficult, as the paint will go to the paint. After such double staining, there should be additional care behind the hair.

Tenth advice. It is not recommended to dye the hair yourself, it is also not recommended to do highlighting yourself. Hair coloring, preferably carried out in the cabin. For those who decided to radically change the color of their hair, it is recommended to paint in the cabin. At home, after you can only tint the overgrown roots.